Prefer easy monthly payments vs putting out large amounts of hard earned cash? AutoFleet is partnered with the auto loan divisions of major banks, working as a direct agent with financing available onsite. Utilize our relationship with lenders to secure a car loan at competitive bank rates!


Benefits include:

  • The convenience of having the bank come to you! Don’t spend time traveling and waiting for appointments to speak with bank managers
  • Onsite application and quick approval! Apply and get approved where you buy your car. No waiting weeks for approval from a branch level.
  • As a direct agent and bank partner, interest rates are competitive and reflective of what you would receive at your own financial institution and in some instances, better!


Whatever your needs, AutoFleet is on your side! Feeling good about your new ride is more than just how it drives, it’s about how it’s paid for. We work to get you the best rate with the best terms for the car you decide to take home.