Here at AutoFleet, many of the vehicles that we acquire are new enough that they will still have the balance of factory warranty remaining. For the vehicles that arrive and no longer have factory warranty, not to worry, we’ve partnered with Global Warranty to provide you with peace of mind when driving your new purchase home.

While major mechanical failures are fairly uncommon in most vehicles, the reality is as most things age they at some point break and require maintenance or replacement. Global Warranty offers peace of mind and protection against the expenses involved in the rare occurrences that mechanical failures happen.

Because there is no “Crystal Ball” when it comes to the longevity of moving parts inside your vehicles engine and drivetrain, extra protection against expenses is always a good idea! *AutoFleet includes a basic 3 month/ 3,000 km powertrain warranty on any vehicle we sell that does not have existing warranty from the factory. This basic warranty can be upgraded at the time of vehicle purchase to include higher mileage and time allowance, as well as tire protection, key and remote replacement, Roadside Assistance, windshield repair and even Paintless Dent Repair(PDR)!

For more information on plans, coverage and warranty products, please visit Global Warranty at the link below. For prices and any other information, please Contact Us and we can happily answer any questions!